Alumni newsletters are powerful marketing tools. Therefore, for an institution to reach many people and increase the number of alumni clicking to read newsletters, it should provide relevant information. A college or university can create newsletters as a way of cultivating an audience and building loyalty.

Hence, to lure the attention of parents or students, schools should regularly publish newsletters. However, before you send newsletters, ensure critical details and attractive features are covered. Some of the things to add to the newsletter to attract attention from alumni or targeted groups are detailed below.

The Success of the Institution

The first thing that can move an audience is the success of an institution. For instance, if parents find a college that has seen most of its students secure good jobs, such a person will want to know more about the school. However, when creating the success story, ensure you don’t deliver it in organization-centric ways. The content you write should show gratitude for the society and the alumni. Explain alumni support led to such success.

Exciting Majors

Alumni may not have the interest of reading newsletters providing information they already have. Therefore, when crafting the newsletter, you have to capture majors that most alumni members are not familiar with. Provide information from graduate students to show the experience and what it feels to pursue the majors.

Get Personal

The newsletter you craft must address the alumni at a personal level. Therefore, the emails you send should be categorized into groups. For example, you can craft a newsletter for scientists covering relevant information that differs from what you send business people.

Inspiring Faculty

One thing an institution shouldn’t underestimate is the bond between students and their professors. Therefore, to attract alumni, the newsletters can feature the life stories of some professors. Through interviews and sharing the works of lecturers, it’s possible to rekindle connection feelings of alumni to the school.