Nearly all colleges and universities rely on the support of their alumni to stay operational. While many institutions are in dire need of financial assistance, the number of donors is dwindling. Fundraising initiatives by institutions of higher learning depend on alumni, and demographics, to predict their chances of receiving support. Professional fundraisers can boost donations by implementing social-media strategies aimed at enhancing the role of alumni.

However, the main question remains: How can these institutions persuade alumni to participate in events and make donations? This post provides some ideas for keeping alumni actively involved with their former places of study.

Keep Them Updated

After graduating, only a few students return to their university or college. Nonetheless, the school should do its best to ensure that alumni maintain an interest in the institution. For example, colleges and universities can keep former students in the loop by providing regular updates about upcoming events. Through the use of websites, social-media platforms, and local chapters, alumni can always be kept informed about the latest university news.

Alumni Associations

When former students are asked to participate at fundraisers, they often feel that this is a way of repaying the institution for the good times they had there. However, donations can be made in a different way – one with which alumni may be more comfortable. For instance, alumni associations can support other members with a view to further advancing their careers. Moves like this can motivate others to donate more than they otherwise would.

Avoid Exclusivity

Some graduates may face heavy financial burdens that affect the income they generate. Therefore, if you press them to donate, they may respond in the negative. Therefore, donations should not be used to ‘categorize’ alumni. For instance, all former students should be regularly updated about school activities, regardless of the size of the donations they’ve made.